Hacking, Making, and Playing

The biggest draw I have towards elementary music is the play. There is even a specific music method SPECIFICALLY geared towards play and fun. To me, there is something so special about having a classroom full of children all enjoying themselves and learning in the process. If any of you ever have a chance to go to a Kodaly conference, I very highly recommend it. Even though it is a “music” conference, there are strategies that can be used in every single classroom. To learn more about the Kodaly method go here.

TED Talks are extremely important to me for the classroom. My English teacher would use them as assignments for us to respond to. They were one of my favorite assignments. I secretly love watching TED Talks, and it’s so interesting to see all the different kinds there are. I don’t think TED Talks is just another way to lecture kids. They are an integral part of promoting outside-the-classroom learning and inquiry. If we can inspire the kids to find something they’re interested in, they will be much more interested in learning in the classroom. If you can get the students to find TED Talks they’d enjoy, it’s an easy way to incorporate play.

I really like the “hacking” idea introduced in the “hackschooling makes me happy” video. Often times we see hacking in a negative light due to all of the technological mishaps. But hacking isn’t negative at all. It is such an important thing we need to use more in the classroom.

Hacking is simply doing something in a different way. Education nowadays is so focused on everyone learning the exact same thing at the exact same time. If teachers can change how we view learning, so many more students will thrive. In fact, it reminds me a lot of differentiated learning… hmm…. funny how some things have recurring themes in education strategies.

This video is a very interesting look at what hacking education is, and how we can use it to our advantage.

I plan on using education hacking in my classroom,  because not every student learns the exact same or even wants to. There needs to be more perspectives on every subject matter. In subjects like math where there can by many ways to find the correct answer, it’s especially important. If they find the correct answer in a different way, that works, why shouldn’t they be able to do it?


I would like to leave you all with this quote, it seems fitting on the topic.

2 thoughts on “Hacking, Making, and Playing”

  1. I love how you have decided to use hacking in your classroom. The video was very interesting. I think that in early childhood we use hacking as more common place because we want children to learn to solve problems, and to learn to question how things are done and how they may solve it. Being able to find ways for students in upper level education to use hacking and making is so crucial for our changing world of technology.
    Thank you for the video.
    Becky Jo


    1. I totally agree with what you said about using hacking and making in upper education. They seem to dislike learning because it’s not interesting. It makes me super sad, but if we introduce more hacking, we can change things.


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